About Us

The BeePMN project was born within the ESTECO R&D department. We are experts in handling simulation and integration workflows for engineering design. We support the idea that the BPMN standard is the missing link to handle the simulation, automation and business layers seamlessly.

We published a number of scientific papers supporting this idea, we presented prototypes at technological conferences and now we are confident in releasing a public platform. We believe in the principles of Agile software development - we started with a Minimal Valuable Product and will continue adding exciting new features as we go. BPM is an effort involving many people with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds.

Our solutions promote such a complex collaboration by combining the ease of use with the versatility of application, all while complying with the BPMN standards. We are dedicated to continuously improving our platform and to the constant exchange of know-how and experience. Your feedback will help us prioritize the improvements to our platform. For any doubts, questions and/or suggestions, feel free to contact us at feedback@beepmn.com - we are eager to hear your opinion!

AREA Science Park Padriciano 99
34149 Trieste ITALY
Phone: +39 040 3755548
Fax: +39 040 3755549
e-mail: info@beepmn.com