BPMN is not just about modeling. The XML representation provided by the standard of any graphical model is the first step toward execution and automation of your workflows. We are currently working on the development of the BeePMN execution engine. However, you can already see a prototype version (specialized for engineering applications), presented during the latest edition of the ESTECO User Meeting .

The executing environment is composed of separate but intercommunicating applications. After you launch an execution, you can monitor its progress through a dedicated dashboard. Upon termination, the data produced during the run will be stored in a repository together with the run history. You can store and access the files necessary for the process execution within the BeePMN platform or by linking external repositories. Users will receive notifications for assigned User Tasks within BeePMN platform and, optionally, by email.

If you want us to keep you updated about the development of our executing features, please, send us an email.