ICSOFT-EA: Collaborative Workflow

  • Posted on: 25 July 2016

This is a realistic prototype of a scheduling process problem of a university department involving timetable negotiation and optimization. BPMN example of a collaborative workflow

More specifically, in the negotiation phase the professors declare their availability and approve/refuse the first schedule draft. These communications are modeled as User Tasks (triggered in parallel).

The Operational Research solver, which generates the optimal timetable, is also part of the process. The function calling the solver is pre-loaded in the Script Task evaluator. The secretary office is responsible for all manual tasks that cannot be easily automated and all direct controls required by the procedure. The model is completely executable with the proposed prototype platform: the professors receive a notification whenever they have to provide information and the User Task interface shows them the necessary inputs and the data types of the requested outputs.

If you are interested in the executable version of this workflow, please contact us at feedback@beepmn.com