Creation of a lecture schedule

  • Posted on: 5 March 2016

This workflow models (a simplified version of) a process generating a timetable of lectures at a university.

This example has been generated with the help of the Department Electrical Mechanical and Management Engineering (DIEGM) of Udine University (Italy). Professor A. Schaerf is an expert in this field both for the “human” part of the process (contacting lecturers, checking room availabilities, interacting with the secretary office, etc) and for the computational part (scheduling algorithms, databases, etc).

BPMN example of the process generating a lecture schedule

This BPMN model presents a case with only four lecturers just for easy understanding. In the initial phase the lecturers have to provide their availability for the upcoming semester. Then the secretary interacts with the scheduling algorithm in order to produce a first draft of the timetable, which the lecturers can view and comment. Then the secretary may adjust the timetable accordingly.

Details of the script tasks have been omitted for privacy reasons, but the model was originally fully executable and connected with prof. Schaerf solvers.