MIWG A.1.0 test

  • Posted on: 1 March 2016

This is the A.1.0 test from the MIWG suite, where you can see a simple process with three tasks.

The tasks are generic and the process is not yet executable in the present form.

MIWG test A.1.0

The MIWG suite is intended to demonstrate the interoperability of BPMN software tools. The suggested testing procedure consists of four possible actions:

  • import (a pre-defined BPMN file is correctly visualized)
  • export (the creation of a specific workflow/model produces an equivalent BPMN file)
  • round-trip (importing a reference file and exporting a generated graph produces an equivalent BPMN file)
  • cross (the same as round-trip, but starting from a BPMN file generated by another software)