MIWG A.2.0 test

  • Posted on: 2 March 2016

This A.2.0 test from the MIWG suite shows how the Exclusive Gateway can be used to split and merge the execution flow.

The first gateway has multiple outgoing connections, with the triggered task chosen by the evaluation of conditions of the joining arcs (in this example, conditions are unspecified but can be set by double-clicking on the gateway or arcs). The second gateway on the other hand, has multiple incoming connections and only one outgoing one. Therefore, the end event is triggered once any previous task terminates its execution. MIWG test A.2.0

The MIWG suite is intended to demonstrate the interoperability of BPMN software tools. The suggested testing procedure consists of four possible actions:

  • import (a pre-defined BPMN file is correctly visualized)
  • export (the creation of a specific workflow/model produces an equivalent BPMN file)
  • round-trip (importing a reference file and exporting a generated graph produces an equivalent BPMN file)
  • cross (the same as round-trip, but starting from a BPMN file generated by another software)