MIWG A.3.0 test

  • Posted on: 3 March 2016

This A.3.0 MIWG test introduces two interesting elements: the Sub-Process and Boundaries.

The Sub-Process can be collapsed into a simple task-like structure in order to hide its possibly complex process, as seen in the preview image.

Since this test is not an executable BPMN model, the Sub-Process is actually empty. Two Boundary elements are placed at its perimeter : an Intermediate Boundary Non-Interrupting Message Event and an Intermediate Boundary Interrupting Escalation. Please refer to BPMN specifications for a detailed description of these elements.

In general a Boundary is used in order to split the execution flow depending on “events” that may possibly happen while the attached task is being performed. MIWG test A.3.0

The MIWG suite is intended to demonstrate the interoperability of BPMN software tools. The suggested testing procedure consists of four possible actions:

  • import (a pre-defined BPMN file is correctly visualized)
  • export (the creation of a specific workflow/model produces an equivalent BPMN file)
  • round-trip (importing a reference file and exporting a generated graph produces an equivalent BPMN file)
  • cross (the same as round-trip, but starting from a BPMN file generated by another software)