MIWG C.1.1 test

  • Posted on: 4 March 2016

This is the C.1.1 test from MIWG suite, drawn for the 2015 Execution Demo in Berlin.

In the original version of the model, there are a lot of extension elements needed to actually automate the process on some execution engines.

Here we post only the pure BPMN model, as produced for the “export” test”. The model has three User Tasks that interact with a human, and one Service Task that interacts with a machine, usually a web service. MIWG test C.1.1

The MIWG suite is intended to demonstrate the interoperability of BPMN software tools.

The suggested testing procedure consists of four possible actions:

  • import (a pre-defined BPMN file is correctly visualized)
  • export (the creation of a specific workflow/model produces an equivalent BPMN file)
  • round-trip (importing a reference file and exporting a generated graph produces an equivalent BPMN file)
  • cross (the same as round-trip, but starting from a BPMN file generated by another software)