Intuitive, Collaborative and Professional. What’s more?

  • Posted on: 7 July 2017
BeePMN is becoming more intuitive, collaborative and professional every week. This blog highlights the major updates to BeePMN editor, but our team believes in Continuous Delivery and keeps pushing new features and bug fixes on a regular basis. To keep track of all the latest updates, click on the new megaphone button! If there are unread news, it is yellow. It turns gray once you read them and close the news panel. Today we pushed the following updates:
Pool dragging improved.
Now pools can be dragged only from their label. No more confusion between drag and pan on large pools!
In-line label editor.
Double click on a label (or a text annotation) and edit it directly on the canvas.
Share panel improved.
We fixed some bugs on the share panel. We also added notification for users joining a project and chat messages when the share panel is closed.
Alignment tools.
You can now easily align multiple elements using the vertical/horizontal alignment buttons. If you select more than two elements, you can distribute them with equal spacing.
Messages on pool border.
BPMN 2.0 standard calls them Public Processes (Abstract Processes in BPMN 1.2): they refer to empty pools representing processes external to the organization. It is now possible to interact with them through message flows.
End Terminate Event.
Be careful! It's the red button that eliminates everything...