BeePMN goes BeePRO

  • Posted on: 16 May 2018

Today BeePMN witnesses the launch of a new service, BeePRO. BeePRO is the new plan for BPM professionals, managers and engineers with secured access to features that enable you to model and analyze your processes more efficiently. 

By using BeePRO you can experience first-hand our new enhancements and different features. We’re starting with a really helpful tool, versioning, that will enable you to:

BeePRO plan feature list

  • track changes
  • go back to earlier versions of your work
  • see all steps of the project
  • name and date each single version
  • sync work with your collaborators

Try BeePRO now!

With BeePRO you can start using the new features as they are launched. Here’s the list of the new improvements soon to be released:

  • work on style customization
  • process documentation
  • decision modeling

At its rollout BeePRO is going to be free to use for a limited time. We’re planning to launch a subscription package at the beginning of 2019. You can test and trial BeePRO before it becomes a subscription package and you can switch back to the BeePMN free version after the paid-for version is released.