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Meet us at IEEE ISSE Conference in Edinburgh

  • Posted on: 27 September 2016

We are taking part in the second IEEE International Symposium on System Engineering, to be held in Edinburgh on October 3rd-5th.

Dario Campagna, from our Research team, will present the paper Solving Time-Dependent Coupled Systems Through FMI Co-Simulation and BPMN Process Orchestration during the special track on Modeling and Simulation-based Systems Engineering.

If you are attending the conference, don't miss his talk on Tuesday 4th October at 2:15 PM.

The paper presents a synergic integration of Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) and BPMN standards applied to the simulation of coupled systems. The FMI standard, becoming more prevalent in the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) industrial field everyday, defines how to interact with a generic simulation tool. The FMI approach suggests implementing a master-slave approach when coupling multiple systems and simulation tools.

In this paper, we demonstrate the advantages of using the BPMN standard to model the orchestration process of the master algorithm and show how it renders the process visually explicit and inspectionable.

We’ve posted the full diagram in our blog site and welcome your comments.