Process Reusability for Efficient Large Scale Modeling

  • Posted on: 12 September 2017

Reuse your subprocesses without having to create them from scratch with the new Call Activity.

The latest update makes BeePMN fully in line with the BPMN standard in terms of process reusability and takes us a step closer to our goal of supporting Business Analysts with the most user-friendly business process modeling tool on the Web. BeePMN is a fast growing platform with big plans - our aim is to support Business Analysts with the most user-friendly modeling tool on the Web. Our free, collaborative editor is designed to facilitate modeling for users of all proficiency levels. Beginners can gradually progress to more complex tasks thanks to our intuitive interface. Experienced users can exploit advanced attributes, such as the possibility to combine single use cases into larger, enerprise-level Business Process models - all in full respect of the BPMN standard. Reusing a particular subprocess without having to create it from scratch each time a similar situation occurs is one of those features that become more relevant as your process gets more complex.

Our latest upgrade, the introduction of the Call Activity, addresses exactly this problem. If the same subset of activities and related elements is repeated multiple times throughout your Business Process, the Call Activity will improve clarity and will reduce modeling effort. Following this pattern, you can scale up and work on larger processes.

To use Call Activities in BeePMN:

  • Model the recurrent subset as a separate process (in the same diagram using a different Pool, or in a new one).
  • Put a Call Activity wherever you need to reuse the process.
  • Set the Called Element attribute of the Call Activity to target the desired process.