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Space Tools Tutorial

  • Posted on: 15 October 2018

You may have noticed two new icons in the editor toolbar - Create space and Remove space. These new Space tools allow you to create or remove space in your workflow, both horizontally and vertically.

Space tools are aware of the context they’re in. This means that when you enable a space tool and the mouse cursor is inside a pool, this creates or removes space inside the pool. If there are elements outside the pool that conflict with the created space, the tools adjust the position of the elements to avoid any overlapping. And, when you remove space around pool borders, the tool limits space removal at the moment the border hits the first element, preserving the hierarchical structure of your workflow.

You can enable Space tools with a click or by using keyboard shortcuts - “a” adds space, “s” removes it. To disable them, hit “Esc”. To switch from one Space tool to the other, hit “Alt”.