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Process user manual at the click of a button

  • Posted on: 3 April 2019

...or how you can get a BPMN report filling out the ‘description’ fields.

As you may know, the BPMN standard is made of a graphical representation of processes and an XML transcription. In the new BeepMN release, we added a third view of your model: the process user manual. The manual can be automatically generated if you fill out the ‘description’ field for all the BPMN elements when you are modeling.

When you finished creating the model, click on the tab on the right to get your full report.

The document has a table of contents, a chapter for each diagram with sub-sections for its processes and a final chapter with the definition of the shared elements within the model. Every element in the report (diagram, process, event and tasks) has its own description and a screenshot to easily find it in the model. The document keeps the division in pools and lanes that you used. Within a lane, the report shows the elements ordered according to the logic flow, whenever possible.

You can download the report in PDF format for a read-only document or in DOCX if you need to customize it. Don’t forget to refresh the outline to display it correctly. The DOCX is also going to be compatible with Google docs and it can be imported without compromising the content.